Command Pack Bataille empire complete

60.00 €

Trays to carry everything you need for our battles of Batallie Emperie, manufactured White Dm for a greater finish, has room for 1 game rule, double vision rule, turn counter, 95 tokens between action, wounds and wear of units , 4 sets of unit orders and 2 sets of generals, compatible with the felhder mini briefcase, and customizable in army symbols.

It contains:

The case cover and 3 token holder bands,

a shift counter

the vision rule

game rule,

2 General games (2 incompetent, 2 ordinary, 2 Brilliant, 2 Strategist) and 2 additional Brilliant

4 sets of Orders (attack, 4 Engage, 4 Hold, 4 Maneuver, 4 Reserve, 4 Rewind

27 wound tokens

21 A Action tokens

15 1 wear tokens

12 2-wear tokens

9 3-wear tokens

The pieces of methacrylate can be chosen at will by the client in several colors, in the options game and the language for the game rule

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